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My name is Klára Daňková an I teach Czech - for foreigners, for life.

Although my story as a professional linguist of Czech started much earlier, it became more important in the year 2014. At that time, I had the opportunity to learn Czech as a foreign language for the first time. It did not take long before my initial enthusiasm drifted me towards a new direction in life.

I have been continuously expanding my specialization from Czech language towards didactic and adult education. Thanks to my participation in various educational projects, I have also expanded my horizons in digital education. Since 2016, I have been a certified lecturer in the “Towards Successful Seniority” programme - a world-renowned method of proactive coaching focused on work-life balance, an active approach to stress management, and motivation for personal or career development.

However, whenever I changed my focus from the Czech language to different subjects, it returned to me like a boomerang. I think everybody knows when his job is more than just a job, when it is a lifestyle. So here I am and I teach Czech. Czech with Klara, Česky s Klárou.


Interactive methods and Personal approach

I believe that the lecturer should not be just a teacher but also a guide that encourages and motivates students. I base my lessons on a friendly and informal atmosphere . I make sure to show all my students the diversity and beauty of Czech, so I often use authentic materials that reflect the particular situations of everyday life.

The methods I build on are not only based on the principles of clarity and systematicity, but also on the interconnection of theory and practice. Interactivity and communicative approaches are an obvious part of every lesson, so you don't have to worry about boring drills. The variety and diversity of teaching are my goals.

Today, I have a wealth of experience in teaching all levels of students - from beginners to advanced – and across nationalities from all continents. The satisfied graduates of my courses are constantly confirming that my work presents results and, above all, has purpose. That's why Czech with Klara, Česky s Klárou.


What do the current/former students say about me?

April M. Mislan

United States of America
"I started learning Czech from Klara about 2 months after moving to Prague, so I was a VERY beginner student. Klara is great at teaching us important parts of the language - not only vocabulary, but also practicing correct grammar in daily situations. All the lessons are about real situations, so it is easy to use our classroom practice in daily life. It is easy to see how appreciative (and surprised) local people are when you are able to speak even a little bit of the language, and also makes living here a lot easier when you can understand the people around you! I highly recommend Klara as a teacher if you are looking to use the language in your daily life."

Marc Gurney

United Kingdom
"I have been studying Czech with Klara for a year and a half, I would highly recommend her lessons. She is a very friendly teacher and creates a very pleasant atmosphere within the class, so I have never felt silly asking any questions. Klara adapts the pace of the class accordingly to your ability, the content is fantastic, varied and relevant to surviving everyday life living in Prague."

Michael McSweeney

"I have been learning Czech for about a year and a half under Klara. I have found her to be an excellent teacher who delivers varied and interesting lessons and is always attentive to the needs of her students. Czech is not the easiest language in the world, but Klara has made learning it fun and I would highly recommend her as a teacher."

Guillaume Tenaud

"Thanks to Klara, my level of Czech improved a lot. She uses various teaching materials, she teaches us a lot of new vocabulary and informations about Czech culture, but she is also very focused on grammar and she is not afraid of repeating and reexplaining again when needed. Her lessons are very serious, but also very funny and active and, every time, I don't see the 90min passing. Highly recommended!"

Do you want to learn Czech with Klara?

There are several variants.

Currently, I teach Czech for foreigners in group or individual intensive courses. The course can be arranged privately, or you can sign up for an open term, which is posted several times a year. If you are interested in Czech lessons, please write me an e-mail or follow my Instagram profile for relevant information.


Group lessons

3 and more students

Group lessons are the most useful because you can work with the dynamics of the whole group and you will practice more by involving the group into the activities. These courses are focused on the practicality of everyday life in the Czech Republic.



Individual intensive courses

One-on-One or 2 students

Individual intensive courses are suitable for those who need to quickly reach a certain language level, for example, due to an upcoming exam. In this case, the goal and the approach is planned according to the needs and time options of the student. Flexibility is a large part of the approach.


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